We specialize in Bees and Trees!

Green Acres Naked Honey is a private, unique apiary and tree nursery- headquartered just a short drive from Dundee, Illinois that specializes in beekeeping and the cultivation of native trees indigenous to the area.


Trees absorb carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air and release oxygen. 

*One large tree can supply a daily supply of oxygen for four people.


** Plant a memorial tree for a fallen hero or a commemorative  tree for someone special in your life.  




The Green Acres Apiary is located adjacent to 185 acres of DUNDEE TOWNSHIP OPEN SPACE.  The area includes SNUFFY'S PRAIRIE, SHAW WOODS COMPLEX and GREATER RACEWAY WOODS.  These areas have bountiful native prairie wildflowers and plants, combined with our native fruit trees, produce a unique and healthy local honey.***


GREEN ACRES NAKED HONEY  is pure with no preservatives or additives, harvested from our own hives.  Sold in one pound, one gallon or sixty pound bulk containers while supplies last.  Call for up to date pricing and availability.      


Green Acres Naked Honey  recommends when you purchase honey, that it is harvested from local hives.  There is honey on the market that is not pure and mixed with additives like high fructose corn syrup and potassium citrate.         

                                    "KNOW YOUR HONEY"